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Life is Ironic.

We capture it, create it, and make it captivating.

You're Spontak? someone asked. I need to know what happens next! Spontak Entertainment began with a leaked story and a demand for the finish.

Spontak Entertainment was founded by its leading storyteller, Danielle Ureta-Spontak. She was an aspiring marine biologist keen to save the world's oceans but due to a series of bizarre events [life], Spontak believed she could create a bigger splash in helping the world become a better place by constructing stories. 

Her writing began freshman year at the University of San Diego as a means to process what happened, from getting trapped under a sinking boat to living with a lizard of a woman, Spontak jotted down the details. What she didn't expect was her readers wanting more. Despite Spontak's transition from autobiographical content to fictional, she uses her crafted tales as a means to provide honest truths, acts of courage, feats of imagination, and the never-ending surplus of love she has witnessed around the world. 

Spontak's hunt for worthwhile content has led her on countless adventures. She has lived in eleven countries and visited many more. On her endless quest to collect stories, Spontak has had the privilege of meeting inspirational people and experiencing astounding places rich with history. It has been Spontak's lifelong dream to share with others the magic she sees on these voyages. 

Spontak Entertainment concentrates on three important ingredients for all creative endeavors: entertainment, enlightenment, and enthusiasm. Every audience member, be it targeted or bystander, learns something new and feels something worthwhile. The endgame is to motivate people far and wide to deepen their appreciation for the world around them, including themselves. Every story is worth telling if you find the right words, the right angle, and the right heart.

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