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Negros Oriental: the must-see

World Nomads

Spontak has been featured in the renowned travel site, World Nomads, describing the must-see province of Negros Oriental. It's a colorful article that reveals the magic of diving, hiking, and exploring the arts scene of such a vibrant island. If you're in need of a vacation in a tropical paradise, you can't go wrong with Negros Oriental as your unforgettable destination.


Quarantine Chronicle

The Pictorial List

The Quarantine Chronicle is an article about life in Dumaguete City, Philippines during Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) measures when Covid-19 made its way to the island of Negros Oriental. Cataloguing an iconic artist's photograph series, this piece captures the life blood of what everyone endured during such difficult times.

Diver at Underwater Cave

Ma Mere

Event Horizon

Ma Mere is a semantic version of Salvador Dali's acclaimed "Ma Mere" painting. It can be found at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. The poem depicts Dali's conflicted relationship with his mother etched on coral as well as his other iconic and stylish images.  Ma Mere became a part of the ninth issue in the literary magazine Event Horizon.

Writing Supplies

Back to the

Drawing Board

The Menteur

Back to the Drawing Board is a personal piece about Spontak's trials and tribulations with some of her writing projects. It is just as important to figure out the why when writing a story as it is when leading your own life. It can be found on Pg. 58  of The Menteur, University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture's 8th edition of its literary magazine (June 2018).


I Like Science


Dissonance Magazine

With over forty different science fiction film references, this piece depicts a passionate love for the genre while providing a fun challenge for sci-fi fans. It won the ninth Your Bard! slam poetry competition in Canterbury, England, and was then published in Dissonance Magazine. Heralded as the "venus flytrap" poem for nerds, it was also widely received in Paris's underground slam poetry scene.


Civitas 360 (Magazine Issues)

Foundation University

As of 2020, Spontak became the the Editor in Chief for Foundation University's university magazine, Civitas 360. It is home to the university's creative pieces, latest news, and exciting events on and off campus. Civitas 360 can be viewed by downloading its app at the App Store for both iPhone and Android. Check out the trending articles Spontak's drafted.


Paris Made Me Do It


Paris Made Me Do It is a novella within a trilogy of personalized romance stories. This particular steamy journey takes readers through a whirlwind of daring sexcapades and surrealism set in Paris during the Roaring 1920s - a time when people tried new, sizzling things. Written for, the main characters are you and your significant other. 

Red Wood

Churned Blood

Event Horizon

This poem was created in an eye-opening course on Palestinian literature. It aims to highlight the violence and agony that plagues this land felt by its inhabitants. It was first published in the ninth issue of Event Horizon,  and serves as a reminder of people's similarities. No matter whose blood has been split, we cannot tell whose is whose. It all gets churned together.

Embryonic Stem Cells

Dear Frost,

The Menteur

This piece is a letter written by a snowflake to [Robert] Frost and juxtaposes the battle for survival between flesh-eating bacteria and its victim. Not for the faint of heart, it can be found on Pg. 76 of The Menteur, University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture's 8th edition of its literary magazine (June 2018).

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 1.08.31 PM.png

Sing During the Storm


Winner of the Sundance Film Festival's monthly challenge for its collaborating artists, Spontak successfully tackled the prompt of making sound a major player in this script. In it, Olivia plummets. She flies. She nosedives and then soars. Swept up in a whirlwind of emotion, Olivia finds a moment of catharsis from musical birds after discovering her dad's medical condition.

Man with Flower Collage

Petals to Pedals

Borrowed Solace

Composed within Madrid's Museo Nacional del Prado, Petals to Pedals is based on a painting depicting the conflict between a steamliner and a rose. Through its short and simple style, this poem condenses the beauty and battle of two unlikely opponents into one bittersweet message of life. It was published in the second volume of Borrowed Solace in 2019.

Zodiac Chart

Watch the Watch

Event Horizon

Inspired by sitting behind the clock tower of the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, Watching the Watch gently glides through the theme of time and how important it is to live in the present. Published in the ninth issue of Event Horizon, this poem is sure to remind its readers to feel appreciation for every moment, which can only be done if we watch our thoughts. 





For the simple theme of "cold", this poem dissects the myriad definitions "cold" actually contains in the English language. Do you think you know them all? It won the monthly writing competition for the University of Kent's Creative Writing Society and was thus featured in the university's newspaper, InQuire, for the March 2018 13.10 edition. It  can be found on Pg. 14. 

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