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Spaghetti Webs

There once was a spider

as quick as a Flash,

who loved to weave webs,

oh so fast!

He made circles, triangles, and squares.

He made them here, there, just about everywhere.


This flashy fast spider went into a house.

He crawled by a sleeping mouse.

Up climbed the spider,

up a table to the top.

There, he stopped.

He smelled something yummy,

something delicious for little kid tummies.


And then he saw it!

What a strange web!

It was orange and red.

It smelled like tomatoes.

It curled and twisted on a plate.

He couldn’t wait!


He took the spaghetti and ran about,

making patterns all over the house!


He was faster than the hungry boys running past.


“Mom!” they yelled, “Why is there spaghetti everywhere?”


The spider heard a scream.


“It’s even in my hair!”


The spider went home happy

after working so hard.

His webs were spaghetti marvels!

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