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Snow Splatter

            Down in the slimy swamps of 창녕 우포늪 is a lovely city of frogs. They spend all day hopping along croaking songs. Nothing is wrong here. In winter, they hibernate, which they think is great. Wouldn’t you? These beautiful frogs of 창녕 우포늪 don’t drink water because it goes through their skin and they play games like eating the most mosquitos to see who wins.

             There’s a sweet little frog that stopped being a pollywog named Swana because her mother thought she was the prettiest of all fauna. She was the coolest frog in the swamp who didn’t mind going last or being the boss – Swana had it all! She worked hard in school to master her frog skills and such, but she did it with flair and excelled so much! But Swana had a secret known to only a few, she was good with art, far better than me and you. She would take lily pads and design them with what she had (usually swamp slime). She built houses from flowers and made her mother quite glad. Why she even painted portraits that were never bad.

             One day, when Swana was swimming quickly in the swamp, something floated down that made her jump. She jumped so high she nearly touched the sky! It was a snowflake. They fell down faster and faster like sparkles on cakes. All the frogs stared up to the clouds, confused at the mounds of white falling down. It was cold! It was light! Each one was different but they made such a pretty sight! Yet the frogs screamed and swam down to the bottom of the water, happy to be where it was warmer and darker.

             Not Swana, she stayed up above and watched the snow melt soon enough. She scooped up the snow and threw it at the ground where it spattered like paint with a soft sound. Swana watched with much surprise when it changed colors – oranges, blues, pinks, purples – everything but white. It was magical snow!

             “Oh, oh, oh! My goodness!” Swana leaped for joy. She began painting everything in the swamp: blue mushrooms that looked like oceans, pink plants that looked like flamingos in motion, and she even braved sneaking upon a crane to paint it silver instead of gray. Once the snow stopped, the frogs came up to the top and saw fantastic art. They couldn’t believe their eyes, everything was too beautiful and they heaved a big sigh.

             With the final splash of special snow, Swana splattered herself and became rainbow colored!

             People came to the swamp and took pictures of this and that, they loved it all, even the frogs eating gnats. Swana became famous… and every time it happened to snow… the whole world would know there would be a little frog painting something spectacular to go and see!

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